Thursday, March 12, 2009

I missed out!

So last week Danielle went to the doctor for (what I thought) was a routine check up but ended up getting the full service treatment. She came out with an ultrasound AND got to hear the heart beat. But get this, Danielle said she actually saw the baby JUMP! I don't know what that means in relation to the tiny living quarters but movement at all is great all the same.

Where was I? I decided to sit this one out due to some meetings that I had going on and, like I said, I thought it was just another check the pulse/Q&A session. I'll never miss another one. Here is the latest ultrasound.

Sadie-a new baby

Our good friends Steve and Laura Mohr just had their little girl Sadie and we went by and for a visit last night. I got hold her for a little while and I seem to be getting more comfortable with holding babies. She's was a good baby while I held her with lots of expressions and wrinkly hands.

I'm not going to lie, their stories left me a little woozy. Every time I talk to someone about the delivery day I hear something new. SOMETHING else that I have to learn so we can be "ready". I guess I better read a book or something.

Coming soon...

  • Recording of the heartbeat,
  • The best of: Video reactions to the big news,
  • Illustration of what I think the baby is doing with his/her spare time.