Friday, January 30, 2009

Ultrasound pic

I know you've been waiting patently (mom) so here is the ultrasound pic as promised.

Ultrasounds 1&2

When we went to the first ultrasound I was a little queasy about it. The older I get the more wierd I am about being in hospitals and doctors offices. I don't know why-maybe b/c I don't go to the doctor myself enough to get used to it.

All that was gone though when the lights went out and the monitor came on revealing...a piece of rice. We held our breath though, waiting for the doctor to tell us she saw a heartbeat in our new rice baby. It looked like a defect in the monitor but it was there she said. That was the first time we exhaled since the light went out. Is was awesome.

We were pretty pumped for the second ultrasound. The baby had gotten much bigger since last time and it was actually starting to look like a baby. Our rice baby is growin' up. I'll post the ultrasounds soon.